Drama is one of the best ways to stimulate the imagination and build confidence at the same time. 

Participating in Drama via Zoom is a great way for your kids to express themselves and have fun all from the comfort of your own home!

These classes are focused on having fun through drama. 

We will do this by exploring things such as: 
- Mime 
- Improvisation 
- Story Telling 
- Character Work 
- Script Work 
- Drama based Play 

Speech and Drama

While drama (as mentioned above) gives us the building blocks for creating characters and fine tuning our skills, Speech and Drama is our exam based classes. 

Students will take part in the Leinster School of Music and Drama exams. 
These exams are comprised of:
 - Poetry 
- Monologues 
- Theory 
- Improvisation 
- Mime 
- Prose 
- Prepared and Unprepared Reading 

If your children are interested in learning a little more about the technical side of drama, or are just looking to gain a new skill and achieve something while using their imaginations, then this is the class for them!