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Creative Writing 

One of the greatest ways to express yourself and utilise your imagination is through Creative Writing. 

At Creative Connections we run 6 week online Creative Writing courses for 1st-3rd Primary, 4th-6th Primary and Secondary school students for Beginners and Advanced students. All of our classes take place on Zoom so you can join us no matter where you are! 

In our beginner course we will explore:
  • What is Creative Writing? 
  • The Creative Writing Basics 
  • Creating Characters 
  • Developing the background of a story 
  • Creating a Plot
  • Different styles of writing 
  • Creating Setting and Atmosphere
  • Starting to Write your story 
All students will leave with the beginning of their story, whatever size it may be and the tools needed to complete it.

Once you have completed our beginners course you can then sign up for our 6 week Advanced Course
  • Each week students will write out one section of their story in class and then continue at home until that section of their story is complete
  • At the end of the course, students will have written a complete story
  • Once the story has been completed, students will then send in a typed version of their story
  • Once we have received the story we will then convert the story into a digital e-book! 
  • Each student will then complete the course with a book they have written themselves!

Interested in checking out stories written by our past students? Take a look at the Creative Connections Digital Library!