Encouraging Creativity in Children

Encouraging creativity in children can be difficult at the best of times, especially right now when so many of us are struggling to find or feel any creativity in our day to day lives. 

BUT, Creativity is SO important for children. It helps them develop mentally and also improves happiness. If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, its how resilient our children are and how much they have had to overcome in the past year. They're worlds have been turned upside down and they just take it in their stride, I often think we could learn a thing or two from how our children are coping with the world right now! 

Inserting a small element of Creativity into the lives of children can make each day a little bit brighter and more enjoyable for them, and it also helps to stimulate their imaginations so that you have to listen to the phrase "I'm bored" a little bit less! 

It can be a tricky thing to get right and can sometimes seem overwhelming as to where to start. But, there are some very simple tips and small steps you can take to encourage creativity in your children at home. 

Here are my Top 5 Tips for Encouraging Creativity in Children:

  • Ask Them Questions to Engage their Creativity Everyday
    With technology telling our children how to do things so often, the opportunities where they have to use their own imaginations to stimulate their creativity are becoming less and less frequent. This is where we come in! Each day, try and ask your children simple questions that will stimulate the creative parts of their mind. For instance if you see a bird in the sky, instead of saying "do you see the bird in the sky?" you could ask "if you were able to fly, what would you do?" 
  • Compliment Creativity and Imaginative Thinking
    If children think they are doing something well, then they will be more likely to try and do it again. If you notice that they are being creative or using their imagination than a simple compliment on how creative they're being can encourage them to use their imagination more and more. 
  • Sometimes it's okay to be messy! 
    A lot of the time, if we tell children that they're not allowed to make a mess at all, then they will be less likely to want to try new things with their creativity in case it makes a mess. But if you explain to them that sometimes it's okay to make a mess as long as we always clean up after ourselves and make sure that we respect everyones space then it's okay to be a bit messy, sometimes the best things can come out of a little bit of a mess! 
  • There's no such thing as a stupid question
    Encouraging our children to be creative and use their imaginations may prompt them to ask questions that are a little off the wall! Making sure that they know that there is no such thing as a stupid question and that every question they ask is valid will help them to question things more often and therefore increase their use of their imagination. 
  • Ask them for activities to do when they're bored! 
    Next time they tel you that they're bored and want to be entertained, instead of letting them use a tablet or phone to entertain themselves, encourage them to use their imaginations to come up with a game they can play or for something that they can do without needing you to give them ideas. This will encourage them to use their imaginations more often and will also give you a nice break from needing to come with activities for constant entertainment!
These are some of my favourite tips to encourage creativity in children. Let me know if you try any of them!